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Migraine headaches typically have symptoms such as nausea, extreme sensitivity to light and debilitating pain. The exact cause of migraines remains unclear, many researchers believe that an attack involves the constriction of the arteries in your brain followed by their over-dilation. This may be the result of inflammation of blood vessels in the tissues that surround your brain. This inflammation in the brain triggers nerve endings to release a flurry of neurotransmitters, sending chemical messages of pain throughout your body.

End the Cycle of Using Prescription Medications

End Migraines with Zolavik

Many sufferers with severe migraines are treated with various prescription medications that in many cases just temporarily mask the symptoms and may have serious side effects. Medications ranging from combinations of narcotics and acetaminophen, ergotamines and triptans which are all used to treat the migraines once they strike. Barbiturates and sedatives are also prescribed to help people sleep off the pain which can become very dangerous to your health.

The Zolavik natural herbal solution provides a healthy alternative to pharmaceutical or over-the-counter drugs.

Ancient Herbal Formula Backed by Modern Scientific Studies

Zolavik Formula

The proprietary Zolavik complex formulation brings together hundreds of years of ancient Asian herbal traditions and the latest scientific research to provide safe, natural, holistic relief from migraines.

This comprehensive formula combines a wide variety of proven natural ingredients that when taken regularly, the powerful herbal blend works to reduce the frequency, intensity and duration of the migraine attacks.



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